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3 november – 25 november


In the 16th, 17th and 18th century contact with a bigger ’world’ became easier. Ships sailed
around the world and discovered cultures and countries which were unknown before.
To show people around you that you had money and were interested in modern science, some
richer people started to collect natural objects and curiosities. They presented their collections in
cabinets ore filled complete rooms with all their treasures. Some people describe these Cabinets
of curiosities as the first museums.
My installation ’Cabinet of natural memories’ in Gallery Gotland is based on the idea of a
collection presented in special designed room. In German they call this kind of rooms
Wunderkammer, a room filled with miracles.
I like to travel and I like to collect. Always when I see some nice nature objects I put them in my
bag, happy as a child with my new treasure. After a while my studio was completely filled with my collected natural objects. To get to know all these objects better I started to crochet ore
embroider on them. You could see crocheting and embroidery as my kind of language. I don’t
describe with words but with yarn. The result of this ’getting to know each other better’ process is visible in the gallery. In second hand shops I bought a lot of cabinets and tables, and all together you are standing now in my ’Cabinet of natural memories’.
Environmental problems are a red line in my work. I would like to create awareness of the fact that we need to take care of our nature, our world. I hope with this work that we still are able to find all these natural objects in nature in hundred years, and that we don’t need my ’museum’ to
Take the time to look around. On all objects you will find my reaction on them with yarn.
Sometimes I mend, I repair ore sometimes I just emphasize a detail which caught my eye.


Ann Uddin
6 jan - 28 jan

Ida Rödén
3 feb - 25 feb

Moutaz Albachar
3 mars - 25 mars

Henrik Haukeland
31 mars - 22 april

Maude Sundström
28 april - 20 maj

Mayumi Okabayashi
26 maj - 17 juni

Möjligheternas vecka
20 juni - 30 juni

1 juli - 8 juli

14 juli - 5 augusti

Barbro Hedström
11 augusti - 2 september

Staffan Laurin
8 september - 30 september

Jerker Andersson
6 oktober - 28 oktober

Hannah Streefkerk
3 november - 25 november

Xose Luis Otera Bercerra
1 december - 23 december


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